FREE Printable Playdate Cards

By Janel Plunkard, Publisher of Macaroni KID Springfield April 22, 2022

These printable playdate cards make setting up playdates a breeze! 

Spending a day at the park or zoo? Are your kids having fun with new friends they've just met? 
Keep a few of these in your diaper bag or purse, and share them with the other children's parents or caregivers if you'd like to set up future playdates!

Has your Kindergartener come home from school asking about playing with friends or sleepovers but you haven't met their parents yet? 
Send one of these along so you can connect with their friend's parents!

End of the school year?
Before school gets out for summer break, send a few of these along with your kids to give to their friends so you can arrange summertime playdates! 

Simply CLICK HERE to download your FREE printables! 

Print the cards, fill in your info, and get your child to hand them out to their friends. 

It’s the perfect way to help set up a playdate for your kids - and meet other parents, too!